The Tutors

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Susan Chapman is owner of The Granary Studio, she teaches some  of the stitch and most of the Procion based printing and dyeing. The Granary Studio is Susan’s own studio and is attached to her home. She has taught textiles at various levels for fifteen years both at Eastleigh College and as a freelance tutor. A new venture is to teach online through the company  She belongs to several exhibiting groups and travels widely throughout the UK and Europe as a freelance lecturer and tutor as well as an exhibiting artist. For more information about Susan, please visit her own website at

and the following visiting tutors in alphabetical order!

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Amanda Clayton is a visiting tutor to the granary studio, here she introduces herself

I have always maintained my joy of cloth and stitch as well as keeping a strong exhibition profile whilst teaching since graduating.

My main lecturing has been as a diagnostic tutor (Btec Foundation Art and Design) which encompasses all specialist areas of art and design all underpinned by a firm foundation of looking, selecting, and drawing.

As well as being involved in advising for the BBC on their Learning Zone project,

I have also been involved in a variety of teaching roles over the last 30 years.
This includes-
In-service courses for teachers
Prestigious specialist workshops at the RSN
Embroiderers Guild Headquarters
Denman College (W.I.)
Lecture tour in Canada
Working with Edge (Scottish Textile Artists)
Regional workshops for the Embroiderers Guild as well as summer schools
Visiting lecturer at specialist degree courses

My workshop and teaching philosophies have developed over time, and continue to do so.

I feel that we all look at the world in different ways and we all have our own way of selecting and digesting what we see and translating these qualities into cloth.

I am obsessed by the inherent qualities of cloth and the looseness of marks, which can be achieved so purely with needle and thread.

for more information about Amanda please visit her own website


Amanda HislopAmanda Hislop is a visiting tutor to the granary studio, here she introduces herself:

Artist Statement

Amanda has a passion for colour and texture. A degree in Woven Textiles developed an intuitive understanding and response to the tactile nature of textile materials. She has developed a way of working which gives freedom beyond the restraints of woven fabric, using threads to draw images and integrate texture into the surface of fabric and paper; combining drawn and painted marks with the tactile qualities of threads and fabrics. Amanda aims to capture the essence of the landscape and natural forms which influence her work. Drawing is used to record a sense of moments experienced, capturing fleeting fragments of the landscape which are observed and absorbed as she moves through it, looking at the familiar, seeing the extraordinary; responding to the subtle changes of view in the rhythmic motion of walking. Amanda explores the evocative moods of seasonal change and atmospheric qualities of light and changing weather.

Recent Professional development

After a career in art teaching Amanda extended her textile practice through study with The Opus School of Textile Arts Master Class course ‘for experienced makers who wish to develop their individual creativity in a practical way.’ This study has a great impact upon her work and teaching in terms of the exploration and development of creativity and empathy with students in their own studies.

Amanda is a member of Prism textile exhibiting group showing work at The Mall Galleries, London. As a member of Oxfordshire Craft Guild she exhibits work in a range of venues throughout the year. She exhibits at SOTA Gallery in Witney and takes part in Oxfordshire Artweeks.

Amanda is an established tutor at Oxford summer school, Ardington School of Crafts and Art Van Go offering dynamic workshops designed to teach the textile processes used in her working practice drawing on the personal creative energy of individuals.

Group Membership;

Oxfordshire Craft Guild.

Prism textile exhibiting group.

Embroiderers Guild, Oxford branch.


The scale of work ranges from large individual hangings to small wall mounted panels and framed textile artworks. Amanda welcomes work to commission and is happy to consider invitations to give talks and workshops.

‘I combine drawn and painted marks with the tactile qualities of thread, paper and fabric. The essence of the landscape and natural forms inspire my work. I use drawing to record fleeting fragments observed and absorbed; I look at the familiar, see the extraordinary and respond to subtle changes in view in the rhythmic motion of walking. The evocative moods of seasonal change and atmospheric qualities of light and changing weather experienced when walking are a constant source of inspiration.’ For more information about Amanda please visit her own website at



Caroline Bell is a visiting tutor at The Granary Studio. She specialises in Eco printing and Dyeing on both paper and fabric, as well as natural indigo dyeing and hand stitch.  For more information about Caroline, please visit her own website at




clare 0001Clare Bullock is a visiting tutor at The Granary Studio, she specialises in all aspects of feltmaking. For more information about Clare, please visit her Facebook page,  Clare bullock feltmaker Ivy lodge.

Here she introduces herself

‘Felt is my passion, I find you can create anything from wool, as a wet feltmaker I love to experiment with lots of different mediums but felt always remains at the core of my work.
“If you can think it, you can felt it” I have been teaching felt making for the past nine years, I completed my city and guilds in Feltmaking  and have never looked back.’
debbie 001Debbie Lyddon is a visiting tutor at the Granary Studio. she specialises in mixed media.
Here she introduces herself

Debbie Lyddon is an artist and maker based in Surrey and Norfolk, UK. Her creative practice explores landscape and place and includes mixed media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to her surroundings.


‘My interest lies in the perception of natural phenomena that occur in my immediate surroundings and my current practice explores the processes of change that occur in a coastal environment. Air, wind, water, light and sound are forever shifting with continuous and infinitesimal change; my work explores these visible and invisible forces and the transformations they engender on the landscape and the objects in it.

I am not only inspired by things that are seen but also by those that are heard and can be touched and I record objects, happenings, sounds and textures that I have noticed in the environment around me. I make mixed media cloths, sculptures, installations and drawings which originate from thoughts and memories that are a consequence of experiencing place and paying attention.

Cloth is at the centre of my practice and I enjoy the process of making and constructing with it.  I experiment with non-traditional materials that relate to a coastal environment such as salt, seawater, wax and bitumen, to change the natural qualities of cloth and to push the boundaries of this pliable material.

My practice aims to present a multi-sensory interpretation of my surroundings – one that can be seen, touched and heard.’

For more information about Debbie , please visit her own website


kim thittichaiKimThittichai is a visiting tutor at The Granary Studio. She specialises in creating beautiful surfaces.

Here she introduces herself

‘I am a textile artist, tutor and author. I lecture and deliver workshops internationally. My workshops tend to promote the safe use of heat tools and heat distress able products but I also teach design and colour based theory. In the past few years I have become quite passionate about recycling and particularly redemptive qualities of newspaper and old books.
The exciting exploration of new textile techniques is at the heart of all my workshops.
Having worked through most of the traditional techniques I find I am drawn to experiment, layering techniques where I can.
My original training was in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics. I had no idea at the time that the course would be instrumental in my development as an artist and a tutor. As students we were trained as artist craft persons, learning how to use each material before we designed anything. Little did I know how important this would be thirty years down the line.
I am known for breaking boundaries and helping students to think outside of the box!
I have written four books, Hot Textiles, Experimental Textiles, Layered Textiles and Reclaimed Textiles.’

For more information about Kim, please visit and

life mel roseMelanie Rose is a visiting tutor of Drawing and Painting, and Life Drawing at The Granary Studio.

Here she introduces herself

‘I am a practicing artist specialising in drawing and painting. My current research is about embodied drawing with a particular focus on the figure and place. Alongside my practice I work in both mainstream education as a lecturer and within gallery education specifically with Southampton City Art Gallery and Aspex. I have taught Life Drawing for many years both in mainstream and gallery settings from beginners through to advanced. I have run summer schools in Life Drawing at Southampton City Art Gallery and even run Life Drawing sessions for hen parties in London and in Hampshire

Working collaboratively as well as establishing artist led projects is all a part of my life an artist. I have exhibited widely showing my work in the UK and internationally.  This year I am collaborating with film makers Anna Cady and Pauline Thomas  on a project called Elemental Dialogues and with the artist Neeta Madahar as well as an ongoing collaboration with an artist based in Shanghai.’

My studio is situated north of Winchester; for a full resume please visit





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