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Debbie Lyddon

Debbie Lyddon is a visiting tutor at the Granary Studio. she specialises in mixed media.Here she introduces herself

Debbie Lyddon is an artist and maker based in Surrey and Norfolk, UK. Her creative practice explores landscape and place and includes mixed media cloths, sculpture, installation and drawing. Her inspiration comes from experiencing and paying attention to her surroundings.


‘My interest lies in the perception of natural phenomena that occur in my immediate surroundings and my current practice explores the processes of change that occur in a coastal environment. Air, wind, water, light and sound are forever shifting with continuous and infinitesimal change; my work explores these visible and invisible forces and the transformations they engender on the landscape and the objects in it.
I am not only inspired by things that are seen but also by those that are heard and can be touched and I record objects, happenings, sounds and textures that I have noticed in the environment around me. I make mixed media cloths, sculptures, installations and drawings which originate from thoughts and memories that are a consequence of experiencing place and paying attention.
Cloth is at the centre of my practice and I enjoy the process of making and constructing with it.  I experiment with non-traditional materials that relate to a coastal environment such as salt, seawater, wax and bitumen, to change the natural qualities of cloth and to push the boundaries of this pliable material.
My practice aims to present a multi-sensory interpretation of my surroundings – one that can be seen, touched and heard.’

For more information about Debbie , please visit her own website