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Rachael Singleton

I am an experimental textile and mixed media artist living in West Yorkshire, England and love bringing together materials in the chase of an idea.  All this leads me to make one-off pieces or very small series.  The natural world is a constant source of enchantment and I also have a few preoccupations such as stones and stone walls, containment and housing objects.  

Pieces are often small, or if larger, are the combination of  smaller elements.  Layers and complex surfaces gradually evolve through the use of natural or vintage textiles, wet-strength tissues and paint.  I also enjoy abstract and mixed media painting; whilst my textiles employ a more muted palette, I’m finding brighter colours want to make themselves known in paintings. 

The creative process interests me deeply and its something I enjoy conversations about or reflecting on through my blog. 


IG:  rachael_singleton_artist

FB page: Rachael Singleton Artist