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There is no obligation to enrol on any of our courses but we hope you will.

We would be very pleased if you would email us any images of your project, to, and, with your permission, we will put it in our student gallery, with any descriptions you may include. Also, if you send us your contact details, we will add you to our mailing list so that you will be kept up to date with all that is happening around the Granary Studio.

This ‘Just Do It‘ challenge will hopefully become a regular discipline, it’s success depends on regular practise. It may be a little daunting to begin with, but with experience it will be a hugely creative habit.

Dedicated Space   You do really need a dedicated space that you can keep coming back to, one of the greatest de-motivators is to have to set up and clear your space whenever the creative urge takes you. BUT, you do not need much space, a small table, or even a shelf where you can put your resources and your sketchbook and leave them there ready to go when the mood takes you.

Time   Many artists work in this way, including me, the trick is to set a target, ideally 10 minutes every day. Life does get in the way so, like exercising , two or three times a week may suit you better. but try and establish a routine.

Resources   Gather a set of resources that you might need for drawing, markmaking or collage. I have listed a possible starter set in the next paragraph. As you gain experience you will discover which bits and pieces suit your practice best. Maybe once a month or so change your tools and media completely to give a different look and challenge.

Camera   A camera is always useful to document your progress or make observations during your daily life

Starter set of Resources    This is just a suggestion to help you to get started.   A shoe box containing a selection of :

Black marker pens in different widths.Twig and black Quink ink.  Scraps of coloured papers, scissors and Pritt stick. Inktense pencils or Koh-I-Noor, brush and waterpot. Brayer. Double-sided tape and masking tape. PVA and spreader. Scraps of cardboard for printmaking. Small monoprinting plate and acrylic paint. Scraps of fabric, sewing kit and threads of varying thicknesses

Sketchbook   Do not start with a large expensive book, this can be intimidating. I generally use a 5inch square book, but a stack of different papers which you can simply tie into a book or a pad of blank postcards will be great too.

The Challenge  Every time you go to your workspace spend ten minutes creating a page. It can contain as much or as little as you feel at the time. A sketch, a print, a collage, some abstract marks or a few words, they are all drawings, take risks, have a go, it does not matter, there are no failures


Susan x

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