tutor kim thittichai

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kim thittichaiKimThittichai is a visiting tutor at The Granary Studio. She specialises in creating beautiful surfaces.

Here she introduces herself

‘I am a textile artist, tutor and author. I lecture and deliver workshops internationally. My workshops tend to promote the safe use of heat tools and heat distress able products but I also teach design and colour based theory. In the past few years I have become quite passionate about recycling and particularly redemptive qualities of newspaper and old books.
The exciting exploration of new textile techniques is at the heart of all my workshops.
Having worked through most of the traditional techniques I find I am drawn to experiment, layering techniques where I can.
My original training was in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics. I had no idea at the time that the course would be instrumental in my development as an artist and a tutor. As students we were trained as artist craft persons, learning how to use each material before we designed anything. Little did I know how important this would be thirty years down the line.
I am known for breaking boundaries and helping students to think outside of the box!
I have written four books, Hot Textiles, Experimental Textiles, Layered Textiles and Reclaimed Textiles.’

For more information about Kim, please visit www.kimthittichai.com and