Susan Chapman

I own and run the Granary Studio based near Winchester, Hampshire,UK

This is my studio attached to my home.  I have a full programme of classes which are taught not only by me but also visiting tutors… I am always looking to bring the best of tutors to the Granary Studio, and to offer a broad range of classes with small groups of students so that everyone has a great experience here….. For more information about the courses and events please visit

I also offer Lectures and Workshops for which I can be booked by groups, studios, or colleges. I have many years of experience teaching at all levels and , within reason I am prepared to travel anywhere.

Lectures may be booked as follows

‘This Wonderful Life’ My life and work in textiles’

‘Keeping The Magic’ My process and the influences that have shaped my textile life

‘Collaborations’ Working with other artists for mutual benefit


I offer a number of workshops suitable for weekends or residential weeks as follows

Looking Through    2 or 4 days

Using a limited field of vision, develop some well observed work in your sketchbook and then on into textiles. Exercises will be given every day to progress students own work into stitch, three dimensions or  textiles in the broadest sense.

Walking 2 or 4 days

An exploration of the immedate surroundings at the venue, through focussed observation and interpretation of findings. students will be expected to go outside to explore with guidance, and then work into sketchbooks, and for the longer course maybe start into textiles. instruction will be given throughout, with new exercises each day

Shoebox Academy    2 or 4 days

Students will curate their own collection prior to attending the class.

They will record through visual documentation, photography, drawing, printmaking and then move into stitch, both hand and free machine if time allows

Developing Your Sketchbooks 2 or 4 days

This class is for those who wish to develop a sketchbook practice to further their work in textiles. Students will use a sketchbook to develop ideas with drawing in the broadest sense, print, collage and then potentially move into stitch


These may be booked as below or you may choose any combination to custom make a workshop of your choice. Those listed are one day workshops which teach a variety of techniques, but can be adapted as wished.

Stitching from Life

Using free machining techniques, students will make a series of small pieces stitched directly from life ….students should have some experience of free machining

Making your Mark

A day of discovery, producing your own marks using print, squeezy bottles, pens, sticks, wax resist and stitch, on paper and fabric

The Power of Print   A number of choices follow

An introduction to printmaking, including Monoprinting, Erasers, Funky Foam, and even potatoes! Students will create a series of different prints in both paper and fabric and guidance will be given on bringing these prints forward into stitched textiles pieces.

Creative Collage

This is a paper based workshop whereby students will paint papers and, using an image, will create a series of small collages using sections of that image. If time allows stitch may be introduced in to these collages and finally students may create a zigzag book to display the days work.

Tiny Tomes

Make some special little books for all your sketches and design bits and pieces, an introduction to basic bookbinding

Developing Sketchbooks

Readymade books transformed with simple techniques to help students develop a sketchbook practice which will help the design of their textiles work enormously

Liberated Patchwork

A day of no measure free cut patchwork techniques

Develop your Creativity 

This day is for those who wish to explore and develop their practice, to move forward to potentially a new and exciting direction, or to take charge of and direct their current ideas