Susie Chaikin

A non-refundable deposit which is 50% of the class fee will confirm your place

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Mosaic Masterclass with Susie Chaikin £320

4 days, Mon-Thur, 18-21 October 2021 10.00 16.00


A 4 day master class in mosaic
We will be working on large figures. The boards will be pre-cut for you in the shape used in the above images. You will be collecting a variety of China and memorabilia to include in your piece. Consider thinking what you are making your piece about, so that you are working with an intention. For example mine above is all about ageing and body parts getting challenged. It might be inspired by the climate, be sentimental, about family, ancestors, an artist, a poem, a memory, politics…..whatever you are passionate about make it personal to you. Give this some thought and then begin your collection of China for your piece based on your chosen inspiration. Not everything has to be china, plastic, metal and glass
will work too. It has to be easily wipeable to clean away the grout.

You need to consider what colour you want to use for the body face, and hair and collect a lot of it. You might have a passed down China tea set you can use or china pieces that you no longer want to display but want to keep for sentimental reasons. I find the key to an interesting piece is the little extras you include, ornaments, flowers, text on china, birds, figures china lids, text on china is really interesting too. I will be collecting too but as part of the master class I think it’s important to learn how to source material, and we will need a lot of china. White is easy and cheap to
source but if you wanted your figure to be green or blue get collecting!! My
favourite stage is the gathering of materials. if you’ve done a workshop before you may have gathered a feel for what you want to use.
You will need to bring
An apron
China collection

and your lunch!

Material costs per person £150 if you bring most of your own stuff I can reduce this.

A note from Susan … I am excited to be making this figure… it is large and it will take a huge amount of china, so please take note of Susie’s instructions


Mozaics with Susie Chaikin     £165

2 days.  Fri&Sat  25&26 Feb 2022   10.00-16.00   



A 2 day course designing and making 2 beautiful mosaics. We will mosaic a pre-cut heart shape to hang on a wall, making this piece you will learn the techniques of cutting and placing the mosaic pieces. For your second piece you will design, draw up, and produce your own design in mosaic. We will be working with an array of beautiful mosaic jewel like pieces. You can incorporate your own China and memorabilia into your mosaic making it
personal to you. So start collecting pieces of crockery that you like, China plates, tea cups, birds,figures, flowers (little pots of a cluster of flowers like our grannies had on their sideboard are perfect), badges, jewellery etc, carboots and charity shops are great for these.
You will need to bring :
An apron
And a large flat box or tray to carry your piece home

Materials costs per person £35, if you work quickly and produce more than the 2 mosaics
there will be an additional cost. I will provide all the materials. Although It’s great if people
start collecting their own China as in the description.