Susan Chapman

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Creative Textiles     SC001       Tutor Susan Chapman   

Thursdays in 2019 from 10-4 once a month for 10 sessions,

A series of challenges, this year the theme is ‘The Senses’. £45 for each session to include most materials,(£450 for the year)
31 January, 28 February, 4 April, 2 May, 30 May, 4 July, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November, 5 December

Printed Textiles (formerly known as Procion & Process)   GS018        Tutor Susan Chapman     

Saturdays in 2019 from 10-4 once a month for 10 sessions,

Learn a variety of printmaking techniques using procion dyes.    £50 for each session to include all the dyes and chemicals. (£500 for the year)
2 February Intro and design exercise
2 March     Basic printmaking with found objects
6 April        Intro to screen printing
4 May        Intro to Thermofax
1 June        Monoprinting
6 July         Paper Lamination
31 August   Free Drawing, Scraping
5 October    Breakdown Printing
2 November  Wax Resist, Bleach
7 December  Formusol

Independent Study    GS017       Tutor Susan Chapman

Sundays in 2019 from 10.00 – 16.00 once a month for 10 sessions,

For those who have learned basic skills in Printed Textiles and wish to work on their own projects still with mentoring from the tutor… there will be opportunities to learn further techniques during this course, particularly those that could not be fitted into the ‘Procion & Process’ course £50 for each session to include all the dyes and chemicals (£500 for the year)

3 February, 3 March, 7 April, 5 May, 2 June, 7 July, 1 September, 6 October, 3 November, 8 December

Open Access Print & Dye          GS019           Tutor Susan Chapman     £25 per session

For those who wish to work on their own projects without tutor intervention

5 sessions available, Fridays,  1 feb 19, 5 july 19, 4 oct 19, 1 nov 19, 6 dec 19
Developing Sketchbooks for Textiles, Print & Stitch    SC020  Tutor Susan Chapman
a 5 week course on
Wednesdays, 8 May – 5 June, 10.00-16.00   £250 for the whole course

Sketchbooks are the foundation of all creative work.. if you can record your feelings, your observations, and all your senses, you will have a rich resource from which to design and make your textile pieces. This course serves as an introduction to the discipline of keeping a sketchbook and how to go about it, with some simple exercises to get you started

Dayschools  in 2019 Tutor Susan Chapman    10.00 -16.00. £50 a session to include most materials. These sessions may be booked independently
19 October    An introduction to Patchwork
26 October Slow Stitching, Kantha stitched Collages
5 April   Know your Sewing Machine 1, an introduction to basic machine skills on your sewing machine
12 April  Know your Sewing Machine 2, an introduction to free machining and learn to draw with your sewing machine
3 May    Using Thermofax Screens, an introduction
17 May   Paper Lamination, an introduction
31 May   Simple Folded Books
21 Jun    Simple Stitched Books