Susan Chapman

Creative Textiles with Susan          SC001

Thursdays for ten monthly all day sessions, 1 Mar 2018 – 6 Dec 2018 from 10.00-16.00

This years dates as follows

1/Mar/18, 5/Apr/18, 3/May/18, 31/May/18, 5/July/18, 26/July/18, 6/Sept/18, 4/Oct/18, 1/Nov/18, 6/Dec/18

£45 per session … deposit of £90 secures the place then the fee is paid every session with the last two sessions free

Students attend one session a month  .. each session will have a different design challenge, or an extension to previous design challenges. This class will take place mainly the first Thursday in the month from 10.00-16.00. Please visit the information sheet by clicking on the course code for more information.

This course is designed for those who wish to extend their design skills and work through the process from initial idea to finished piece. Mentoring will be given for development of the textile pieces/projects


Printing and Dyeing with Susan

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list

DAY-A-MONTH (DAM)  Students attend one session every month excluding August and  January , so ten sessions a year.

Procion and Process                  GS018            SC       £50 per session, see course information sheet for more information

this year we are running this class on sundays

1st Sun 10.00-16.00    ……  4 Feb 2018 – 9 Dec 2018

These are the dates for the coming year

4/Feb/18, 4/Mar/18, 8/Apr/18, 6/May/18, 3/Jun/18, 8/July/18, 8/Sept/18, 7/Oct/18, 4/Nov/18, 9/Dec/18

An introduction to using Procion dyes for printmaking/screenprinting etc

Independent Print & Dye          GS017           SC     £50 per session ,see course information

1st Sun 10.00-16.00 4 Feb ’18 – 9 Dec ’18

4/Feb/18, 4/Mar/18, 6/Apr/18, 6/May/18, 3/Jun/18, 8/July/18, 9/Sept/18, 7/Oct/18, 4/Nov/18, 9/Dec/18
For those who wish to work on their own projects with still with mentoring from tutor.. there will be opportunities to learn further techniques during this course, particularly those that could not be fitted into the ‘Procion and Process’ course

Open Access Print & Dye          GS019           SC     £25 per session, see course information

1st Fri 10.00-16.00 2 Feb 18 – 7 Dec ’18

2/Feb/18, 2/Mar/18, 4/Apr/18, 4/May/18, 1/Jun/18, 6/July/18, 7/Sept/18, 5/Oct/18, 2/Nov/18, 7/Dec/18
For those who wish to work on their own projects without tutor intervention