GRANARY Questionnaire
If you were attending the Granary Studio for courses what would you like to see offered?
We would be very grateful if you could answer this questionnaire and offer any suggestions, so that we can design the courses and classes that we feel meet your requirements.

Would you prefer classes: Weekday Evening Weekend

• Regular Classes Weekly Fortnightly Monthly
• One Day, One Off Workshops y/n Weekday Weekend
• Shorter Half Day Classes y/n Weekday Weekend
An opportunity to attend workshops with visiting tutors at potentially greater cost y/n

What are your interests Embroidery y/n Quilting y/n Drawing y/n
Dressmaking y/n Printmaking y/n Painting y/n
Soft Furnishing y/n Mixed Media y/n Dyeing y/n

Are you most interested in work that is: Traditional y/n
Contemporary y/n
Art Textiles y/n

What sort of classes would you like to see offered:

Project based classes (all make the same thing) y/n
Independent study ( with mentoring) y/n
Skills based y/n
Design based y/n
Combination y/n

Your suggestions

Thank you for helping us to provide the best in textiles courses at the Granary Studio.

Please return the completed form to: The Granary Studio
The Granary
Owslebury Farm
Main Road
SO21 1LU

Alternatively you can fill in a form online at and email it to us at

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