Information Sheet Painting Course     Tutor Melanie Rose

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Mel Morning Frost Cheriton

 Inspired by the South Down this course is for students who want to ground their practice by immersing themselves into the magnificent landscape surrounding the Granary Studio. To begin with there will beenplein air recognisance sessions where students will have the opportunity to record their surroundings by making a series small watercolour paintings capturing light and colour, through a series of tutor led exercises and demonstrations.

The artwork made at the start of the course will be used to inform paintings back in the studio, working from concept paintings made on location students will be introduced to a variety of surfaces and mediums including acrylic, oil and egg tempera. This part of the course will focus on composition, tone, rhythm and colour and will include one to one tutorials as well as group critiques.

This class will be delivered as two 3-all-day sessions running from 11-4 .


28 June 2019           Day1: En plein air watercolour

29 June 2019           Day2: Scaling-up watercolour to landscape (acrylic)

30 June 2019           Day3: Egg tempera icons (tutor will provide pigments)

12 July  2019            Day4: Still Life watercolour and acrylic

13 July 2019             Day5:Acrylic self portrait

14 July 2019             Day6:Independent project day


Materials List Painting

Sketchbook – landscape or square

A3 watercolour paper

A2 cartridge paper

Charcoal (various sizes)

Putty rubber


Watercolour pans

Watercolour brushes


Water pots

Masking tape


* as the course develops painting mediums and surfaces will be introduced