Information Sheet Life Drawing for Beginners  Tutor Melanie Rose

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mel feet 1

Description: This course is designed for those who wish to gain skills in drawing, and life drawing in particular. Each session will have a visiting life model. This is a taught class by Melanie who is an extremely experienced life tutor

Experience level: Beginners

Class fees:  £45 per session

Class size:  6 maximum

Dates:     Saturday 20th January 2018    11.00-16.00

Sunday   22nd April     2018     11.00-16.00

Additional information: Students could continue on to the intermediate life class currently running on Monday evenings in 6 week blocks

Students requirements:

Materials List – Life Drawing

• A selection of quality pencils ranging from HB – 9B
• Putty Rubber
• A variety of paintbrushes for acrylic paint
• Household paintbrushes
• Water container
• White plate or palette
• Drawing Ink – (twigs, feathers, dipping pen, toothbrush)
• Drawing Pens – Black Fibre Tipped
• Biro (Black)
• Charcoal – Willow
• Charcoal – Compressed (optional)
• Fixative or Hairspray
• Cotton Wool Buds
• Masking Tape
• Board Clips (optional)
• Cartridge Paper

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