On the Surface Plus!

Tutor      Kim Thittichai

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A whole day for you to enjoy and explore all the techniques for surface decoration you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet found the time!
Create wonderful surfaces to stitch – or not!
Techniques will include –
Hot Foiling, painted Bondaweb, distressing Tyvek.
I will also demonstrate how different types of glues and fusible webs can be used with transfer foil.

Experience level: Any

Class fees:  £55

Class size: 6 spaces maximum

Dates:      One day     9th June 2017      10.00-16.00

Additional information:

Students may also sign up for Transforming Transfer

Student Requirement

Materials list

• Heat transfer foils.*
• 1 metre Bondaweb – painted with a thin layer of paint – if you are not sure how to – have a look at this video. But do pin your Bondaweb to the newspaper on all 4 corners. It stops it rolling up. https://youtu.be/3joeptwMrRY
• 5 or so various plain fabrics – velvet, chiffon, cotton, Mostly light coloured but a few dark preferably black! (small pieces 10″ -15 ” square)
• Glitter, sequins, gilding flake . . . . . .
• A roll of silicone coated baking parchment
• 2” Paint brush, jar/plastic jug for water that the paint brush will fit into, apron.
• Note book and pen to take notes.
• 5 x A4 sheets Tyvek and ¼ metre of fabric weight.*
• 2 large newspapers. (to protect tables)
• Pack of baby wipes and a roll of kitchen towel.
• Various colours Polyester organza, smallish pieces. *
• Scissors for paper and fabric.
• 5 colours of water based paints. (acrylics, posters not water colours) metallic would be good if you have them.

Any questions – Email info@kimthittichai.com