Information Sheet        Open Access Print & Dye     Tutor Susan Chapman

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2016-03-06 15.00.27Description: These sessions are for those who have completed Procion and Process DAM or equivalent, and wish to use the studio for their own projects

Experience level: Advanced

Class fees: If you sign up for Open Access Print & Dye, you are committed to attending and paying for all ten sessions. A deposit is paid on registration and payment can be spread over the whole year, but, if you miss a session you are still expected to pay for it and we will try to provide a catch up session elsewhere in our timetable. So, please take careful note of the session dates.

The cost of the course is £250 with a deposit of £50 being taken to secure your place, and
£25 being paid at each session, with the final 2 sessions being already paid for by deposit.

Class size: Limited to 4 students, to provide enough space per student to facilitate their own projects

Dates: 3/Feb/18, 5/Mar/18, 7/Apr/18, 6/May/18, 3/Jun/18, 8/July/18, 9/Sept/18, 7/Oct/18, 4/Nov/18, 9/Dec/18

Studio Times: The teaching day will run from 10.00-16.00 but the studio will be open from 9.00 until 18.00, for those trying to avoid traffic. Please bring your own lunch, there is a microwave for heating soup etc.

Additional information: There are three parking spaces at the Granary otherwise unlimited street parking.

Resources: A fee of £5 per day will be charged to use the dyes, chemicals in the studio, otherwise you may use your own resources.

Students should bring all resources required for their own projects, to include a dropcloth and heavy plastic to roll your fabrics in to take home to batch prior to rinsing

Old Clothes, apron and close fitting gloves.


Notebook and camera


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