Information Sheet       Printed Textiles        Tutor    Susan Chapman

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procion and process 01Description: This course is designed to introduce students to the processes involved in using Procion MX Dye on natural fabrics. It consists of ten one day sessions held over one year. There are no sessions in January or August.

Each month there is a new topic. As students progress through the course they may combine techniques to create their own projects alongside the basic learning of technique, mentoring is available as the year progresses. An outline of the course by session is shown below

Session 1    Introduction to course and studio. Design exercise to create source ideas for the course

Session 2   Basic printmaking using found objects, printing blocks, and thickened procion dye.

Session 3   Introduction to screen printing, blank screens, paper stencils, masking tape.

Session 4   Thermofax printing, making and using own designs

Session 5    Monoprinting, overprinting etc

Session 6   Paper Lamination

Session 7   Free Drawing, scraping etc. (set up breakdown screens for printing next month)

Session 8   Breakdown printing, Shibori ploughing

Session 9   Wax resist using soy wax, bleach, over dye painting

Session 10  Discharge printing using Formusol


Experience level: This course is available to students of any experience, but who are interested in learning to create their own complex cloth using Procion MX dyes.

Class fees: If you sign up for Printed Textiles, you are committed to attending and paying for all ten sessions. A deposit is paid on registration and payment can be spread over the whole year, but, if you miss a session you are still expected to pay for it and we will try to provide a catch up session elsewhere in our timetable. So, please take careful note of the session dates.

The cost of the course is £500 with a deposit of £100 being taken to secure your place, and
£50 being paid at each session regardless of attendance, with the final two sessions being already paid for by deposit. The session fee includes the teaching, the use of the studio, tools, dyes, chemicals etc. Catch-up days will be offered for those sessions missed

Class size: Limited to 4 students, to provide enough space per student to facilitate their own projects

Dates: Please note the dates carefully, this year they are mostly the first Saturday in the month, but, owing to prior committments there are a couple of adjustments

Studio Times: The teaching day will run from 10.00-16.00 but the studio will be open from 9.00 until 18.00, for those trying to avoid rush hour traffic. Please bring your own lunch, there is a microwave for heating soup etc.

Additional information: There are three parking spaces at the Granary otherwise unlimited street parking. On completion of Printed Textiles you may progress to Independent DAM or Open Access DAM.

Resources: The session fee includes the teaching, the use of the studio, tools, dyes, chemicals etc. Tea and coffee, biscuits included all day.

You should bring natural fabrics, e.g. cotton, viscose, linen, silk, or silk/cotton mixtures. it should be prepared for dyeing(PFD) which many suppliers sell, but all fabric should be scoured before using in class so that the dyes can be accepted readily by the fabric and best results achieved. Instructions on scouring fabric will be given on registration for the course. The studio has a variety of natural fabrics available for sale.

You will need a dropcloth, which should be heavy cotton drill, we get ours from Whaleys-Bradford, it should be 2.75 metres to cover our print tables. We do have these for sale

You will need a roll of heavy plastic to roll your fabrics in to take home, and batch prior to rinsing.

Old Clothes, apron and close fitting gloves.


Notebook and camera

There may be further resources required for specific sessions as we go through the year, but I will let you know prior to each session.



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