Granary Studio Shop

Here is a list of the items that are usually available for sale at the studio, if you wish to return to the Granary Studio class information please click here

GRANARY  STUDIO     Price List   1 July ‘19

Bondaweb                                                                              £3.00 a metre

80/20 wadding Vilene supersoft  97” wide                             £12.00 a metre

MS1 Calico, fine, natural 60”(150cms) wide                          £4.00 a metre

Medium weight Calico 60”(150cms) wide                              £5.50 a metre

Cotton Drill for Dropcloths (require 2.50 metres)                   £6.00 a metre (£15.00)

Cotton Kilberry White 60”(150cms) wide PFD                       £9.00 a metre

Muslin White 60”(150cms) wide                                             £2.50 a metre

Nun’s Veiling (wool) 50”(130cms) wide                                  £18.00 a metre

Cotton Sateen 90” (2.8m) wide PFD                                      £18.00 a metre

Silk Habotai 12  45”(114cms) wide                                         £13.00 a metre

Silk Noil  45ins (116cms) wide                                                £11.50 a metre

White Linen                                                                             TBC

Kona Cotton White 60”(150cms) wide PFD                            £10.50 a metre

Kona Cotton Black for Discharge 45” wide                             £10.50 a metre

White Cotton Muslin                                                                £2.50 a metre

Empress Mills Egyptian Cotton Rolls                                      £7.00 each

Acrylic Felt 60” (150cms) wide for print table covering           £5.50 a metre

Silk Screen Mesh 43T 127cms wide                                       £6.00 a metre


Rotary cutter blades                                                                £4.00 each

Koh – I – Noor palettes                                                            £4.50 each

Wide necked Sauce Bottles for Dye Paints                             £3.00 each

1000m STAR machine quilting thread                                     £7.25 each

Press Print A4 size sheets                                                       £1.00 each

Erasers for carving                                                                   £0.60 each




Black hardbound      small square                                          £4.00 each

medium square                                      £5.50 each

large square                                           £6.00 each


artists travel journal  A5                                                          £4.00 each


concertina book        A5                                                         £6.50 each

A4                                                          £9.50 each


portrait                      A4                                                          £4.00 each

portrait                      A3                                                          £7.50 each

landscape                 A4                                                          £4.50 each

landscape                 A5                                                          £3.50 each



Cartridge all media 220gm                                  A2     £0.20 each sheet

Fabriano 220gm Rosaspina Printing Paper                       A2     £3.50 each sheet

Fabriano 300 gm Artistico Watercolour Paper (smooth)    A2     £3.50 each sheet



Susan Chapman


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