Granary Studio Shop

Here is a list of the items that are usually available for sale at the studio, if you wish to return to the Granary Studio class information please click here



Koh – I – Noor palettes

Rotary Cutter Blades

1000m machine cotton thread (40)

Screw top wide neck plastic bottles for dye paints


MS1 Calico, fine, natural, pre shrunk 60″ (150cms) wide (quilter’s calico)

Loom state cotton for Dropcloths (require 2.5 metres)

Cotton Sateen 90″ (225cms) wide

Acrylic Felt  60″ (150cms) wide (for print table surface)

Cotton Lawn White  38″ (96 cm) wide

Cotton Kilberry White 60″ (150cm)  wide

Kona Cotton, white

Kona Cotton, black for discharging

Cotton Muslin White 60″ (150cms) wide

Habotai 12

Silk Georgette

Wool Delaine

Vilene 80/20  wadding 60″ (150 cms) wide

Silk Screen Mesh

There will be lots more to add to this list later


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