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Susie Chaikin – Stitching Miracles


Date(s) - December 9, 2022 - December 10, 2022
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Granary Studio


In this 2 day workshop “stitching Miracles” we will be looking at and
stitching our own milagro and ex Voto. They are used in Mexican
culture as offerings of miracles we are grateful for or symbols of good
health good luck or hope.
A Miliagro in Spanish means miracle or surprise and people in the past
and present, they are objects, usually metal, charms and symbols to
wish others good luck, good health,and hope. I work with anatomical
milagros and stitch parts of the body in thought I’d someone that needs
a miracle with that particular part of the body. They might have broken
their leg so I will stitch a leg, or they might have had an upset so I stitch
their heart so mending their heart .
We will be making our own anatomical milagro as an offering of good
health, good luck, wellness and hope for either ourselves or in thought
of others.
An ex voto is an offering for a miracle received. They are scenes
mostly in paint and words depicting the story of the miracle. We will be
stitching our own scene based on a miracle happening that we want to
You do not need stitching experience we will be using basic stitches
unless you want to experiment with a variety of stitches.

Student Requirements

Susie will bring everything,…. but bring a basic sewing kit and your lunch