If any class fills up, we will keep a waiting list and if possible we will endeavour to run an additional class subject to numbers.

There are some items that you can expect to find for sale at The Granary Studio when you come for classes, to see the list please click here

If you would like more details for any of the courses listed below, please click on the course code and you will be taken to the course information sheet

If you would like to pay the deposit for any of our courses using BACS then please contact us for details

If you require bed and breakfast I have a list of people within the village who can provide bed and breakfast, please contact us for details

Landscape with Amanda

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list

Abstracted land…..and Changing the Surface        AH001    £110

Two day workshop on 25/26 May 2017 from 10.00-16.00

The first day is a design workshop using drawn lines, colour washes, wax resist, collage and folding techniques to free up and create expressive compositions for development into stitch, using the landscape as a starting point and generating surprising abstract compositions. The second day an experimental workshop to explore the use of collage and layering with papers, fabric, gesso, acrylic paint and mediums to integrate texture into the surface of art work, creating surfaces for stitch and mixed media work.

Developing Sketchbooks as a Rich Resource                            AH002                 £165

Three day workshop on 28/29/30 September 2017 from 10.00-16.00

A creative workshop working with a free approach to generating ideas through a working sketchbook, exploring abstract ideas and personal themes relating to land and seascapes. Explore mark making to develop exciting sketchbook pages, work with loose marks on paper with drawn lines, resist wash and layered tissue to develop a surface to fragment creating a series of abstract images.  Experiment with layering, painterly blending and contrast to generate abstract ideas in mixed media with the option to include hand stitch to further enhance the surface.


Eco Printing with Caroline

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with picture, fees and requirements list

Indigo Queen of Natural Dyes    CB008   Caroline Bell    £90

Two Tuesdays 2 and 9 May 2017      10.00 – 16.00

This is a two day class with each day a week apart. Students will learn how to mix, make and maintain an organic indigo dye vat including trouble shooting. There will be an opportunity to experiment with different recipes understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will then experiment with the vats generating a series of samples using simple resist techniques. We will then extend the process with the addition of one or more natural dyes and also use previously rust dyed and eco printed fabrics as time permits.

Eco-printing Masterclass       CB005       Caroline Bell      £90

Sat & Sun 17/18  June 2017        10.00-16.00

This is a two day masterclass for those students who have completed the basic eco printing class with Caroline, students will develop their eco-knowledge and explore different mordants to create some fabulous fabrics

Eco Stitching!                        CB006          Caroline Bell   £45

Tuesday 17 January 2017  10.00-16.00

Stitch Your Samples Into Something Beautiful

Have you been on the eco printing course and generated a pile of samples and are now wondering what to do with them? Rather than leave them lying forgotten in a drawer why don’t you join me for a day of stitching where we can turn them into something decorative or functional.

Spring Eco-Printing     CB004       Caroline Bell     £90

Two Tuesdays   18 & 25 April 2017 10.00-16.00

Two days producing beautiful samples with this inspirational tutor, using the new leaves of Spring. students will learn which leaves produce the best results in Springtime and using Caroline’s wrapping and vat techniques, produce a wide variety of results

Eco-Printing Weekend  CB004     Caroline Bell     £90

Saturday 8 July and Sunday 9 July 2017   10.00-16.00

By Request , especially for those who work full time, Caroline is coming to teach her two day Eco-Printing class over a two day weekend using the leaves of early Summer. Students will create a range of samples using a variety of Caroline’s techniques…  please click on the course code for requirements list

Felt Making with Clare

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list

Nuno Felt                      CL001      Clare Bullock           £90

Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July 2016     10.00-16.00

Explore the wonderful world of Nuno, a felting technique of binding lightweight fabric and wool fibre to create beautiful fabrics together.
1st day will be taken up by sampling a wide range of fabric to see what textual affects we can achieve .
2nd day we will be stitching our samples together to create large patchwork fabric  that can be used in a variety of different ways.
The Versatility of Felt       CL002       Clare Bullock      £90
Friday 11 November and Saturday 12 November 2016   10.00 – 16.00
Two days of experimentation creating a series of wonderful samples using a wide range of techniques
Three Dimensional Felt    CL003      Clare Bullock    £90
Friday 10th February and Saturday 11th February 2017    10.00 – 16.00
Two days experimenting with three dimensional form. Learn to make fabulous bowls and student designed structures
Nuno and Print    CL004    Clare Bullock      £90
Friday 27 & Saturday 28 April 2017   10.00-16.00
Two days experimenting with printing onto Nuno felt creating a series of samples using a range of techniques

Surfaces with Kim 

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list

On The Surface Plus!              KT001           Kim Thittichai        £55

Friday 9th Jun 2017    10.00-16.00

A whole day for you to enjoy and explore all the techniques for surface decoration you have been wanting to try but haven’t yet found the time!
Create wonderful surfaces to stitch – or not!

Transforming Transfers      KT002     Kim Thittichai        £110

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017          10.00-16.00

Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating startling colours on synthetics and more subtle effects on naturals. We will try resists, overprinting, layering and various ways of applying paint and crayons. Build a portfolio of delicious samples on an amazing array of fabrics.


Drawing with Mel

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list


Life Drawing Saturdays

We are re-jigging the life drawing classes in 2017 … instead of a weekly evening, we are moving to a full Saturday , 11-4, once a month which will be themed as follows

   1st April 2017    11-4  Abstracting the Figure 1     MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45 

   20th May 2017   11-4  Painting The Figure             MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45 

   24th June 2017    11-4  Figure and the Landscape  MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45  

   22nd July 2017     11-4  Drawing                                   MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45 

   23rd Sept 2017     11-4  Movement                              MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45 

   21st Oct  2017      11-4  Abstracting The Figure 2    MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45 

    18th Nov 2017     11-4  Mapping the Figure              MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45  

    16th Dec 2017      11-4  Candlelight                             MRo10   Melanie Rose  £45

 If you buy all 8 classes, there is a reduction of £10 giving the whole course for £350

Life Drawing (beginners)        MR002            Melanie Rose

Mel is planning to run another beginners course, please could you contact the Granary Studio if you are interested in this

Printing and Dyeing with Susan

Click on the course code to be taken to the information sheets with pictures, fees and requirements list

DAY-A-MONTH (DAM)  Students attend one session every month excluding August and  January , so ten sessions a year.

Procion and Process                  GS018            SC       £50 per session, see course information

1st Sat 10.00-16.00 4 Feb ’17 – 9 Dec ’17

These are the dates for the coming year

4/Feb/17, 11/Mar/17, 8/Apr/17, 6/May/17, 3/Jun/17, 1/July/17, 9/Sept/17, 7/Oct/17, 4/Nov/17, 9/Dec/17

An introduction to using Procion dyes for printmaking/screenprinting etc

Independent Print & Dye          GS017           SC     £50 per session ,see course information

1st Sun 10.00-16.00 5 Feb ’17 – 10 Dec ’17

5/Feb/17, 12/Mar/17, 9/Apr/17, 7/May/17, 4/Jun/17, 2/July/17, 10/Sept/17, 8/Oct/17, 5/Nov/17, 10/Dec/17
For those who wish to work on their own projects with still with mentoring from tutor.. there will be opportunities to learn further techniques during this course, particularly those that could not be fitted into the ‘Procion and Process’ course

Open Access Print & Dye          GS019           SC     £25 per session, see course information

1st Fri 10.00-16.00 3 Feb’17-8 Dec ’17
For those who wish to work on their own projects without tutor intervention

Creative Textiles with Susan       SC001

Thursdays for ten sessions, with this years dates as follows

9/Mar/17, 6/Apr/17, 4/May/17, 1/Jun/17, 6/July/17, 3/Aug/17, 7/Sept/17, 5/Oct/17, 2/Nov/17, 7/Dec/17

£45 per session … deposit of £90 secures the place then the fee paid every session with the last two sessions free

Students attend one session a month in two five session blocks .. each set of five will have a different design challenge. This class will take place mainly the first Thursday in the month from 10.00-16.00. Please visit the information sheet by clicking on the course code for the precise dates.

This course is designed for those who wish to extend their design skills and work through the process from initial idea to finished piece






4 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Deborah Pawle

    Hi I would love to do a course with Caroline Bell but am to far away to come on two separate weeks. Did I read you might be doing a weekend course with her?


    1. hi Deborah .. Caroline is doing a weekend course 8th and 9th July 2017 if you are interested, there are a couple of spaces available …. the cost is £90 for the two days and half the fee as a deposit will secure your place … pls would you let me know with your details on…. I do have b and b addresses available if required and details to pay by BACS …


    2. Hi Deborah, sorry , I sent you to the website and I hadn’t updated it with the weekend course! The eco printing course is running on 8 and 9 July 2017, full details are now on the website! I do also have a list of people who offer b and b in the village which I can send to you if you would like to come on the course… also, I run a mailing list with periodic newsletters, would you like to be added to the list?
      hope to see you sometime,


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