Clare Bullock

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Clare Bullock returns for a new series of workshops related to very fine feltmaking, no exhausting rolling, Clare teaches gentle methods of creating fine surfaces. All her workshops are two days  and cost £150 for the two days, as follows:
Mark Making and Layers                         NEW CLASS
2 day workshop tba £150
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Urban Decay
2 day workshop  tba £150

urban decay      urban decay 3

Clare returns to teach this very popular class again

I find it rather magical, the lost, the forgotten, the abandoned, from a bottle cap flattened in the road to a building that is no longer needed and everything in between. Everything has a past and a story to tell, sometimes we just have to look beyond to find it. This workshop is designed to help us explore the forgotten and the discarded, this could be a building or a rusty door a work tool of some kind or a memory, we will explore with texture, print and stitch to bring life back through our work.

Creating Mosaic with Prefelts                               NEW CLASS
2 day workshop  £150
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Nuno Travel Cloth
2 day workshop  Sat&Sun 17&18 July 2021   £150
Clare returns to teach this very popular class again
Nuno is the combination of wool fibre and fabrics fused together with the wet felting technique.
The travel cloth is a very important part of my daily life. Each little piece of fabric travels with me in my pocket with a needle and a little thread. Opportunities throughout the day allow small amounts of time where I can stitch my thoughts and feelings into the cloth. Once stitched I join the fabrics together, as the cloth grows so my memories are preserved in a stitched diary.
In this workshop  we will be making up a number of Nuno felted fabrics using a variety of wool, threads and fabric. Often the colour of our chosen fabrics reflect the mood in which we are in. We will endeavour to keep the pieces small so we have a good selection to work with. We will then start stitching on to a piece of our Nuno, thus begins our journey of recording in stitch. We will all have the same starting point but who knows where our cloth will go.

Pods, Pots, and Structures  

to be re-arranged  2 days  £150     


I have to say this is one of my favourite things to make. Whether you wish to make items for the garden, vessels to hide thing in or an organic structure to please the eye then this is a very therapeutic workshop. I believe it calms the mind and allows creativity to take hold.
In this workshop we will be making a selection of seamless pods and pots using the wet feltmaking technique. We will use a number of different resists including foam underlay, plastic pipes and stones etc. We will work with a variety of fibres to create texture and hand stitch to finish.


Needlecase, using Pre-felts and Stitch

to be re-arranged    two days  £150

My needle case is very special to me, it contains beautiful threads, pieces of work ready to stitch, quotes that inspire, things that i have found, and photos etc. It’s my working journal and i feel totally lost without it.
Join me in making your own personal Nuno felted needle case, maybe using special fabrics, photos and any other items that hold meaning to you.
On the first day of this workshop we will spend the day making pages for our needle case. We will first make the Nuno cover for the case using a number of fabrics and fibres. We will continue to develop further pages using a variety of different fabrics. On the second day we will look at decorating and personalising our needle case with print and stitch adding pockets etc,  producing a very personal needle case to treasure.