Clare Bullock

Felt Making with Clare

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Clare Bullock returns for a new series of workshops related to very fine feltmaking, no exhausting rolling, Clare teaches gentle methods of creating fine surfaces. All her workshops are two days on Friday/Saturday and cost £150 for the two days, as follows:

5/6 October 2018         CL011   Contemporary Landscapes

We live in a world where our landscapes are changing all the time, in this workshop we will develop contemporary landscapes by using marks making within our felt, we will stick to a limited colour palette of your choice and  blend these colours to develop depth to our work.

2/3 November 2018     CL012   Nuno and Ink

Lots of fun and mess with this one ladies, over the two days we will combine fibres and neutral fabrics together to create some fine Nuno felt, will then combine acrylic ink to the surface to create bleeding, the fun of this technique is you can never be sure of the outcome ( exciting ). A little stitching will create some beautiful samples that can be collaged together.

30 Nov/1 Dec 2018       CL013   Experimental Pre-felts

This workshop is designed to show you how to use prefelts into you work, prefelts work well for sharp patten design and using colours which are pure with no colour contamination. These prefelts will then be stitched and felted.

19/20 July 2019           CL014   Blending Fibres, Mixing Colours

We will learn the beauty of fine blending to create rich and vibrant felt that will be full of depth, using a variety of fibres such as silk, soya, and bamboo to enrich our felt.
The samples from this workshop can  be developed further at a later date.

2/3 August 2019           CL015    Pods, Pots, and Structure

This workshop we will explore techniques such 3d structures, smocking, tucks  and  pleating , to produce beautiful surface texture to our wet felt.

20/21 Sept 2019            CL016   Felt Firming Techniques

We will make a number of felt samples and will explore the different ways of firming felt, some techniques will can change the appearance of the felt others will leave the felt looking natural  we we learn different techniques for different applications.

18/19 October 2019   CL010   Texture and Trapping

In this workshop we take a lengthy look at creating texture through trapping. We use a variety of fabrics, wool and everyday items, such as buttons, marbles, stones, anything you can think of, or items that are personal to you. Building layers and cutting back to create interesting and workable textures.