Information Sheet         NUNO Felt                    Tutor Clare Bullock

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This is what we shall be doing on the Nuno workshop , binding wool fibres with fabric, using soap, water and friction. Once we have made a  samples using this method we will stitch them together to create a larger sheet of fabric,which will slow stitch further.

Explore the wonderful world of Nuno, a felting technique of binding lightweight fabric and wool fibre to create beautiful fabrics together.
1st day will be taken up by sampling a wide range of fabric to see what textural affects we can achieve .
2nd day we will be stitching our samples together to create large patchwork fabric  that can be used in a variety of different ways.


Experience level: Any

Class fees:  £90  A deposit of £50 will secure your place, with the balance to be paid when the course begins

Class size:  6-8

Dates: Friday 22 July-Saturday 23 July 2016

Additional information: Further classes from Clare are in the pipeline, or look at out timetable for other classes that might take your fancy

Student requirements:

Requirement list for Nuno Wet Felting

Please bring all of the items below :-

NB. Clare will have merino fibres for sale and will bring bamboo blinds, decorators plastic and bubble wrap

Bamboo blind – 60cm to 80cm wide with all fixtures and fittings removed and re-tied.

  • Bubble wrap – Minimum 1m (small bubbles)
  • Decorators plastic – 1m
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Fabric & paper scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Towels
  • Plastic milk bottle with holes in the lid – For applying water to your project.
  • Merino tops – Enough for your project in your choice of colours.
  • Fancy yarns and silk threads which you may wish to incorporate
  • A selection of lightweight fabrics such as silk chiffon, georgette, silk gauze, cotton muslin, loom state muslin (scrim) and rayon.
  • Olive oil or vegetable oil soap

A note about the fabric –

It is important to use a light weight loosely woven fabric, the best kind of weaves for Nuno are silk chiffon, georgette, cotton scrim, muslin cheesecloth and light weight cottons. Silk headscarves with a pattern is fine, the fabric does not need to be plain! Have a look in charity shops or TKmax, as they all have a good selection usually. Indian scarves are also light weight and lovely to felt. If you have any problems with this then please give me a call or send me an email .

I look forward to working with you, Clare