Tutor Caroline Bell

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A two-day masterclass for those who have some experience of Eco-printing, working with both fabric and paper. Using a selection of different fabrics and papers, participants will learn about the process of Eco printing, the types of leaves which produce the best results and the different ways in which the leaves can be processed. They will have the opportunity to work with a variety of mordants which can radically alter the outcomes of the prints.

At the end of the two days it is anticipated that students will go away with a great selection of samples and some ideas about how to take the techniques further. Caroline provides all the equipment, mordants, dyes etc. but not fabric or paper

Experience level: Previous experience of Caroline’s methods caroline 6

Class fees:  £120

Class size: 7 maximum

Dates: This is a two day course running from 10.00 – 16.00

Additional information:

Student Requirement

Caroline will prep many of the fabrics which she will provide at cost

About 1 metre of habotai 10 or 12 available for sale from the granary studio


basic sewing kit
Some papers any from wallpaper lining paper, watercolour paper, khadi paper
approximately 1 metre of cotton muslin
1/2 metre silk noil which is available for sale from the granary studio
Basic sewing kit
Empty litre plastic bottle
sewing kit, string, apron