new classes

I have new classes up n the website now, if you click on the classes button and then click on the quick look you will find whats happening in the programme of classes..

Caroline Bell has eight new classes, with the first being her Autumn Ecoprinting class, two days, sat&sun 10&11 October, this is a very popular series of classes, with this very knowledgable tutor

I am pleased to say that Susie Chaikin is returning on sat&sun 28&29 november to teach her wonderful Mosaic techniques which the previous class enjoyed so much, you may have seen her students work on Instagram

All the other autumn classes will be running as previously scheduled unless something changes in the COVID guidelines

Keep an eye on the quick look section because I am updating it constantly, I am at the moment putting up a couple more classes from Amanda Hislop too

A New Look

A new look to the website, for a new experience at the Granary Studio.. we have had two fabulous workshops in the last couple of weeks, adhering to the new guidelines to keep everyone safe from Covid-19.. 2020 is certainly a year to remember.

We have carefully selected classes that we can run, in the new guidelines, for the time being andI am afraid we have had to postpone others. I am busy re-booking tutors and their classes an fingers crossed 2021 will be an easier year.

for details of classes please open the menu and go to the classes section, here you will find ‘A Quick Look’ which details the classes available in chronological order with an idea of spaces available.. for more information click on the tutors name in the same section

hope to see you soon

first class back, two spaces

well, hopefully we are restarting a few classes from Saturday. 18 & 19 is tutored by Caroline Bell and is her two day ecoprinting masterclass… a couple of spaces have unexpectedly come available owing to isolating and shielding husbands! do let me know if you are interested in joining us… more details in the classes section of the website..  just let me know … I have extended the teaching space, have masks, shields, gloves, hand gel and anti bac wipes to keep us all safe …

A Cautious Return to Classes

A Cautious return to classes.

I am planning to restart classes here at the Granary from the middle of July.. it won’t be all the classes I am afraid but where we can keep everyone safe, I will run the class.
We are currently rigging up an extension to the studio in the form of a gazebo …and where we can have classes completely outside, when the weather and the class permits… there will by necessity be some changes in order to be able to run the classes which are listed below … I shall start with the classes that can be run outside if possible , then look to start the full program of classes from the beginning of September.. I will contact all those booked on classes as we approach them to make decisions on viability
.. everything is subject to change of course …
I would please ask anyone due to attend a class to let me know if you are ill in anyway, this virus seems to have a vast array of signs and symptoms , this of course means there may be last minute spaces so do keep an eye on the website for details
Meanwhile, I am contacting tutors to rebook classes and will hopefully have the new program and leaflet out before the main restart in September

I will have anti bac wipes in the bathroom, and hand gel for each student.
There will be masks available when appropriate ..
I will endeavour to keep a 2 metre space between chairs even though Boris has dropped it to 1 metre
I will have the tea urn boiing but each student should bring their own mug and drinks as well as lunch..
I am afraid the class biscuit tin will be temporarily suspended…
Lunch may have to be at the workspace but wherever possible we will take lunch outdoors
Hopefully we will all be fine, we all have loads of common sense and with a bit of luck things will return to some sort of normal before long

stimulus and challenge

Hi everyone, I do hope you are all staying safe in these troubled and unprecedented times. Since the lockdown was enforced I have had many messages from all over the world saying how difficult it is to do anything creative, how the lack of stimulus and challenge is preventing you from doing anything meaningful and all are suffering from a lack of concentration. The only thing I can say is that everyone is feeling the same way

The only thing I can say is that nearly everyone feels the same way, but it will pass. For various reasons I am in my fifth week of lockdown and after the first couple of weeks I started to relax into it, get more focus, and am now quite enjoying the work I am doing …. the important thing is to keep doing something, this is one image from my isolation sketchbook, this is my current daiiy practice and it is really interesting to see the change in me as the weeks go past…


So,what to do about this… my isolation book now has images like these I am relieved to say, but if you feel as though you would like some direction, support, whatever, through these weeks I have a challenge for those who would like to take part. A few of you will already have started a challenge with me this way before, but this is intended to be a bit more structured, and I do think there is no harm in re-visiting a starting point.
This will be a series of sessions with time in between to complete the tasks, possibly once a week and we will see where we go with it. This is a new exercise for me, so, hopefully you can send me information that I can share with the whole group.. no pressure to complete, maybe just an investigation to keep your mind occupied. If you fancy having a go, with an optional exhibition at the end of it , possibly next year, I would like you to email me on please, and I will set up a group for those that wish to take part

coronavirus and an update

As the Coronavirus situation accelerates I feel I should update you with what the current situation is here at the Granary Studio regarding classes.

I can confirm that currently, no one here or anyone connected to the studio, has has contracted the virus or, to my knowledge, had any contact with anyone who has. However, I will be ever more vigilant with respect to hygiene and cleanliness provision including regular sanitisation of all those areas of high use – door handles, counters, bathroom etc – while being aware of the importance of regular hand washing.
At the moment I am continuing with my programme of classes as listed on the website, , but this position will be reviewed on a regular basis and changed if and when it is necessary, or if there is a recommendation or directive from the Government.

We have just had four days of very succesful classes, two days with Amanda Hislop, working with concertina books, followed by another two days ‘Painting and  Drawing with Natural Materials’, tutored by Mel Rose, where we learned to make our own Gesso, Oak Gall Ink, and Egg Tempura.

On Saturday and Sunday, Caroline Bell will be teaching ‘Natural Dyeing’ and we do have a space on it if anyone fancies a fun couple of days here..BUT, should anything change and the workshop has to be cancelled I will let you know immediately.  Unfortunately I have had to cancel ‘Exploring Place’ tutored by Debbie Lyddon because of student cancellations, but Debbie will return next year to teach.

Each workshop in the future will be assessed individually on a similar basis, but we do ask that if you are due to attend a workshop and there is a likely risk that you have been in contact with the virus, please let us know as soon as possible that you will not be attending and then follow the general directive to self-isolate. Likewise, if you have attended a workshop here, and then quickly go on to develop symptoms, please let us know so we can inform everyone else who attended with you.

As the government has not imposed any restrictions on events such as these small gatherings, with regards to the workshop charges, our current cancellation policy will prevail for the time being. In a nut-shell, should a workshop have to be cancelled, a full refund will be given, but anyone deciding to cancel their place on a workshop that is going ahead will be charged if the place cannot be filled from a waiting list.

While you are here taking part in a workshop you may feel more secure by bringing hand-sanitizer and wipes etc with you. You may also want to bring your own cup for tea and coffee. I leave that entirely up to you – the main thing is to enjoy the workshops while you are here.

Some of you will be aware that the studio was due to go to the ICHF show, Fashion and Embroidery, on Thursday at the NEC which has now been postponed. The new dates are now 25-28 June which we will attend, assuming all has returned to some semblance of normality by then. This does mean that I am re-scheduling the classes to be taught by Sue Dove and she and I are working on some new dates for the diary for her classes… they will go up on the website as soon as I finalise things with her.

Meanwhile, keep safe everyone, and I hope things return to some sort of normality soon

Belated Happy New Year



A very belated Happy New Year, I am sorry that this is so late, I have been busy dealing with some family issues and some health issues of my own, but all is well now …Spring is springing and i am watching the sparrows and robins being busy on the feeders .. I have been working on some new classes for the autumn, but first of all I have had an unusual number of late cancellations for upcoming classes, which, while unfortunate, may provide an unexpected opportunity for someone to take a place.… further details of these courses may be found in the classes section of this website. do please let me know if you are interested because when this newsletter arrives, the spaces will probably go very quickly.


14 & 15 March Drawing and Painting with Natural Materials £125         2 spaces   tutor Mel Rose

In response to the early spring landscape, students will be shown how to prepare and make chalk gesso surfaces on both paper and plywood, as well as egg tempura and oak gall ink. N.B. Students will walk out into the landscape regardless of weather, with sketchbook and camera and then studio development of their drawings and digital images.
further classes from Mel this year are
16 & 17 June  Figure in the  Landscape    £125 5 spaces
12 & 13 Sept  Expressive Painting from Nature  £125  6 spaces
13 July Summer En Plein Air, Life Drawing £38 17.00–20.00 4 spaces
21 Dec Candlelit Solstice, Life Drawing £38 17.00-20.00 4 spaces

cb natural 1

21 and 22 March Natural Dyeing £120 2 spaces tutor Caroline Bell
Students will learn the basics of natural dyeing using natural dye extracts, preparation of fabrics, the correct use of mordants and methods of modifying those colours to achieve a whole rainbow of samples thus debunking the myth that natural dyes produce only muddy or insipid results which do not .
Further classes from Caroline with spaces this year are
23-24 May Indigo £120 1 space  tutor Caroline Bell
18 & 19 July Eco Printing Masterclass £120 2 spaces tutor Caroline Bell


23-26 March Exploring Place £420 3 spaces tutor Debbie Lyddon
It is very unusual for spaces to come available for Debbie’s classes. late cancellations have provided an opportunity for what students have described as a life changing experience. This is the only time Debbie will teach here this year.
Discover new ways of inspiring your creative work by using all of your senses to observe the world around you.  Part of this workshop will be spent outside – looking, listening and touching – to collect information from the environment. This material will be documented with drawing, sound recording and writing. Back in the studio your collections will form a starting point for experiments with paper, cloth, stitch, mark-making, collage and printing to create a unique and personal record of your exploration of place.

needlecase 1

27 & 28 March Nuno Felted Needlecase £150 3 spaces tutor Clare Bullock
My needle case is very special to me, it contains beautiful threads, pieces of work ready to stitch, quotes that inspire, things that I have found, and photos etc. It’s my working journal and I feel totally lost without it.
Join me in making your own personal Nuno felted needle case, maybe using special fabrics, photos and any other items that hold meaning to you.
Further classes from Clare this year are
17 &
18 April    Sketchbooks, Let’s Keep it Small £150 5 Spaces tutor Clare
14 & 15 August   Urban Decay  £150  1 space  tutor Clare 

I am sad that cancellations are on the increase, and, while I understand that things do happen, especially when a lot of you book in so early, it makes life very tricky with such small classes. if I fall below 4 or 5 students I am operating at a loss which I can ill afford of course.. so, I must remind everyone that the half fee deposit is non refundable and non transferrable, this gives me a little more leeway in being able to run a class and not let other students down. On the other hand, if a class is full, it is always worth putting your name down on a waiting list because of this cancellation rate

Later in the year we have a sprinkling of spaces on other classes as well as the four tutors previously mentioned. I have introduced a new section in the website which gives a quick look at the upcoming classes and an idea of where the spaces are.. if you go to the classes section of the website the first paragraph gives you a link to ‘A Quick Look’ which lists the classes in chronological order with the current situation regarding spaces. I hope you find this helpful.
Meanwhile here is a flavour of the classes offered by the remaining tutors… and do read to the end because there is news of another new tutor visiting the granary later this year!

little book of leaves 1

28 & 29 May A Little book of Leaves £175 2 spaces tutor Amanda Clayton
Using traditional hand stitch techniques and extreme contrasts of neutral cloth and thread we will explore running stitch, cutwork, layering, applique and inlay using leaves and other natural forms as a means to inspire and produce a personal cloth book. Amanda returns next year to teach her workshop ‘Fragile Forms’


24 & 25 June Collage, Stitch and Sketchbook  £180 4 spaces   tutor   Sue Dove
27 &28 June Nuno Felt into Stitch  £180 4 spaces   tutor   Sue Dove

Back to back workshops from this inspirational tutor. Sue teaches her colourful quirky techniques using collage, applique, sketchbook ideas, and nuno felt.  Sue keeps saying these are her last workshops, so don’t miss this opportunity

Classes from Amanda Hislop with spaces are 
2& 3 July  Seascapes Unfold  £150 2 Spaces tutor Amanda Hislop
26 & 27 September  Exploring Trees as a Theme £150 2 spaces  tutor Amanda Hislop

We have four new tutors visiting the Granary this year which I am very excited about I do try and bring you the best tutors I can and I am pleased to describe their classes here

klimt 1

16 & 17July Inspired by Klimt £175 1 space tutor Wendy Dolan
Enjoy two days exploring the patterns and colours in the work of Gustav Klimt. You will be layering fabrics, machine stitching and then burning away areas with a soldering iron. Gold and Silver leaf (imitation) will be applied to areas of the design

mosaic 1

25 & 26 July Mosaics  £165 + £35 materials  2 spaces  tutor Susie Chaikin
A 2 day course designing and making 2 beautiful mosaics. We will mosaic  a pre-cut heart shape to hang on a wall, making this piece you will learn the techniques of cutting and placing  the mosaic pieces. For your second piece you will design, draw up,  and produce your own design in mosaic. We will be working  with an array of beautiful mosaic jewel like pieces. You can incorporate your own China and memorabilia into your mosaic making it personal to you. So start collecting pieces of crockery that you like,  China plates, tea cups,  birds,figures, flowers (little pots of a cluster of flowers like our grannies had on their sideboard are perfect), badges,  jewellery etc, carboots and charity shops are great for these.

colour fabirc and form

8 & 9 August Masterclass, Colour, Fabric and Form  £170  3 spaces tutor Stewart Kelly
During this masterclass,you will explore the possibilities of combining drawing, colour, mixed media, paper as fabric,and stitched textile techniques.This will be an experimental workshop,focusing on exploration, and the process of discovery through making. Therefore, I would encourage you to come with an open mind, willing to try new things and enjoy yourselves

And last but not least I have just booked Alice Fox to come and teach at the Granary Studio

botanical colours 02

28 & 29 October Botanical Colour £195 3 spaces tutor Alice Fox
Explore techniques for capturing natural colour on cloth and paper, bringing colour, mark and hand stitch together. Using gathered materials and plant matter we will make our own botanical inks and experimental mark-making tools, as well as eco-printing on paper and cloth. We will bring these organic marks together with hand stitch in simple but unique hand made book structures.

wow, what a lot of information … and here is a bit more…
The Granary Studio is going to the ICHF show, ‘Fashion and Embroidery’  at the NEC 19-22 March! We have a great line up with Clare Bullock, Jenny O’Leary and Susie Chaikin teaching workshops and Sue Dove, Amanda Clayton and Me,Susan Chapman demonstrating.. we have some exhibiting space too, so, if any students have some finished work as a result of any of the workshops they have attended here, and that you would like to exhibit at the show, please do get in touch.
If you can get to the show, do please pop by and say hello.

The last word … I have finally written a book to accompany the new body of work I have been working on all winter, and will be exhhibiting at the Quilt Festival in Groningen, Holland in mid June… it has mostly gone to the publisher now apart from the intro and a few photos, so, exciting times for me.
I look forward to welcoming lots of you to the studio this year and am working hard to bring some new and exciting classes for the Autumn, and Spring… thanks for listening x


I have had several cancellations for upcoming classes this month which is a shame, but maybe an unexpected opportunity for dome of you… further details of these courses may be found in the classes section of this website. o please letme know if you are interested because i am about to write a very belated newsletter and the spaces will probably go very quickly then

14&15 March  Drawing and Painting with Natural Materials £125 tutor Mel Rose  2 spaces

21&22 March   Natural Dyeing  £120   tutor   Caroline Bell     2 spaces

23-26 March   Exploring Place  £420   tutor Debbie Lyddon    4 spaces                                     (i have had 5 cancellations for this class!)

27&28 March  Nuno felted Needlecase  £150  tutor Clare Bullock  4 spaces


last minute cancellations

I have just had a couple of cancellations for a day of hand stitching with Caroline Bell this coming Saturday.. come and learn her unique way of putting your eco printed pieces together and embellished with hand stitch

Eco-Stitch    Saturday 14 December   10.00-16.00 at the Granary Studio in Owslebury, Hampshire … £60 for the day

Just bring your samples, a sewing kit and your lunch  … Caroline will supplement them and she also has her eco dyed threads for sale…

If you are interested, please do contact me, either by email …

or by telephone  …..  01962 777480

Hope to see you