Caroline Bell

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Natural Dyeing Weekend 

Sat/Sun 21&22 March 2020   10.00-16.00   £120

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This is a two day class. Students will learn the basics of natural dyeing using natural dye extracts, preparation of fabrics, the correct use of mordants and methods of modifying those colours to achieve a whole rainbow of samples thus debunking the myth that natural dyes produce only muddy or insipid results which do not last. Students will be encouraged to start a dye book to record their results which in turn will provide them with a reference which can be used and added to after the workshop has ended

 Printing with Natural Dyes    ***NEW CLASS***

  Sat/Sun   22&23 February 2020  10.00-16.00  £120

Description imminent

Eco Stitching!

Tuesday 14 December 2019  10.00-16.00    £60

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Stitch Your Samples Into Something Beautiful

Have you been on the eco printing course and generated a pile of samples and are now wondering what to do with them? Rather than leave them lying forgotten in a drawer why don’t you join me for a day of stitching where we can turn them into something decorative or functional.

Spring Eco-Printing 

Sat/Sun 27&28 April 2019  10.00-16.00   £120

Sat/Sun 9&10 May 2020  10.00-16.00   £120



Two days producing beautiful samples with this inspirational tutor, using the new leaves of Spring. students will learn which leaves produce the best results in Springtime and using Caroline’s wrapping and vat techniques, produce a wide variety of results

Indigo Queen of Natural Dyes   

Sat/Sun 25&26 May 2019      10.00 – 16.00   £120

This is a two day class. Students will learn how to mix, make and maintain an organic indigo dye vat including trouble shooting. There will be an opportunity to experiment with different recipes understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will then experiment with the vats generating a series of samples using simple resist techniques. We will then extend the process with the addition of one or more natural dyes and also use previously rust dyed and eco printed fabrics as time permits.

Eco-printing Masterclass       

2 Days Sat/Sun 22&23  June 2019        10.00-16.00  £120

2 Days Sat/Sun 18&19 July 2020    10.00-16.00    £120

This is a two day masterclass for those students who have completed the basic eco printing class with Caroline, students will develop their eco-knowledge and explore different mordants to create some fabulous fabrics

Autumn Eco Printing

Sat/ Sun 12&13 October 2019   10.00-16.00   £120

A two day class using those leaves in the Autumn which produce wonderful colours using Caroline’s Eco Printing techniques