Amanda Hislop

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Summer in Mixed Media  

2 days Thu/Fri 6&7 Jun ’19  10.00-16.00  £150

Take the colours and textures of summer, blue skies, grasses, flowers and seed heads as a subject for layered mixed media surfaces. Work with collage techniques to incorporate a range of papers and fibres, adding texture to the surface. Explore ways of working with texture colour and line to create layers and depth.

Draw for Stitch

2 days Sat&Sun, 7&8 Sep ’19  10.00-16.00  £150        

Free up and develop line drawing skills working through a series of simple drawing tasks exploring mark making as a creative tool to develop stitch language in free machine stitch techniques.

Draw to stitch, stitch to draw; develop free machine stitch skills through a series of experimental drawing and stitch samples, to increase confidence in the use of line as a language for stitch development in mixed media textiles.

We will consider what stitches can do; can the stitch be overlapped, worked in a line, worked in circles, in blocks, worked in several directions, in layers, be tight or loose, hold down threads or fabrics.

Concertina Sketchbook, a personal exploration of landscape 

2 day workshop, Thurs 12 & Fri 13 March 2020 10.00-16.00  £150 


Developing personal character and style; take an intuitive approach to developing ideas in response to line colour and texture within landscape through exploration in a concertina style sketchbook. Observe closely, looking for line texture and colour, draw to interpret chosen landscape, finding the essence and exaggerating characteristics generating abstract ideas for development in personal projects.

Use line to write and record observations in descriptive notes; move on to the use of line to describe form and tone within landscape, get to know the subject and where you want to go, be free and explore those empty sketchbook pages…colour, cut tear and fold.


Seascapes Unfold; an exploration in colour and texture with hand stitch

2 day workshop, Thurs 2 & Fri 3 July 2020 10.00-16.00 £150

Take an abstract view of sea and shore, a closer look at colour combinations and textures, explore through mark making and painterly print to create surfaces to fragment, overlay and place in simple collage arrangements to work with hand stitch.

Explore the colours and textures of the sea and shore through expressive mark making and painterly print, through to development with abstract collage arrangements and simple hand stitch.

During the course explore a restrained colour palette with line and texture working with a series of print blocks and mark making to develop personal language creating a selection of surfaces to fragment, overlay and develop. Explore surfaces created, simplify, abstract and fragment. Think abstraction, work intuitively through a random system of placement creating highly individual arrangements of small abstract collages to work into with simple hand stitch.

Exploring Trees as a Theme

2 day workshop, Sat 26 & Sun 27 September 2020 10.00-16.00  £150

Be inspired by trees; a lone tree on the horizon, tall poplars in lines across the landscape, reflections in rivers, lakes and puddles, woodland with glimpses of light and the landscape beyond, or look up close at the detail, bark and wood grain. Develop your expressive skills using painterly mark making, layering and mixed media, creating personal design ideas drawing out the essence of trees within the landscape.

Explore line and texture through simple print and mark making with a limited colour palette. Let your work unfold and develop through creative sampling experimentation with layered papers, fabric and threads to create unique tree inspired tactile surfaces to work with hand and or free machine stitch.