Amanda Hislop

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‘Taking sketchbooks further: exploring land & water; sea, rivers, canals & lochs through personal collections of printed paper & cloth’
 Tue&Wed 14&15 Sept 2021   £155
Develop thoughts in a concertina book, allowing the landscape to unfold and flow across the pages,  be free and explore colour, cut tear and fold, the choice is yours.

Student Requirements:

Gather together personal collections of coloured and printed papers (these could have been produced in a previous workshop) along with images of land and water in the form of personal photographs, drawings/sketches and colour observations ; these will be incorporsted into pages of your concertina book exploration.

  • A personal selection of inspirational source material- [see above.]
  • An concertina sketchbook A5 or A6 or a selection of folded paper from which to make your own for example Khadi cotton rag paper zigzag pages or a variety of folded papers of your choice, folded size A5 or smaller.
  • Drawing materials of choice; include drawing pens of various thicknesses, a biro, pencils, graphite and so on.
  • Choice of colour mediums; e.g. Inktense pencils or blocks, aquarelle, graphite and coloured pencils etc.
  • Scissors
  • Solid glue stick-  Pritt or similar

Materials Fee:

Papers, threads and additional art materials, equipment and resources for student use will be supplied at a cost of £4

 Amanda will supply the following:

Bag of papers

Bag of threads/fibres

Tissue paper

Lens tissue and tea bag paper

Box coloured papers

Koh i noor waterbased dye palettes

Candle wax

Walnut ink

Emulsion paint

[spare drawing paper]

 Limitations: exploring possibilities with colour and folded forms    Thur&Fri 24&25 June 2021  £155

Colour exploration…less is more; working within the restraints of a limited colour palette let colour mix and mingle in an exploratory workshop creating subtle colour combinations in response to landscape.

Explore subtle mixes of colour and tonal variation; contrast, overlay, thicken and dilute. Experiment with gloss and matt acrylic mediums to alter texture and transparency, playing with the application of paint using specific brushes and tools. Use wet strength papers with cloth as a base to explore a restricted colour palette with painterly technique generating rich surfaces with the possibility of developing these with hand stitch.

Student Requirements

  • A number 10 or 12 round brush, a ½ inch bristle brush
  • Apron/overall
  • Needles for hand stitch if required

Materials Fee

Papers, threads and additional art materials, equipment and resources for student use will be supplied at a cost of £4-

  • Papers- newsprint and tissue
  • Tea bag paper.
  • Wet strength tissue ½ sheet each?
  • Cotton cloth [sheeting or calico]
  • acrylics in landscape colours and white and Paynes grey.
  • Matt and gloss gel medium to mix
  • Cellulose paste with pva
  • Selection of hand stitch threads