Information Sheet       Taking sketchbooks Further                  Tutor Amanda Hislop

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‘Taking sketchbooks further… developing personal character and style

 Take an intuitive approach to developing ideas in response to line colour and texture within organic or man-made forms through exploration in a concertina style sketchbook. Observe closely, looking for line texture and colour, draw to interpret chosen forms, finding the essence and exaggerating characteristics generating abstract ideas for development in personal projects.  

Use line to write and record observations in descriptive notes; move on to the use of line to describe form and tone, get to know the subject and where you want to go, be free and explore those empty sketchbook pages…colour, cut tear, the adventure begins.

 Experience level: Any

Class fees:  £110  A deposit of £60 will secure your place, with the balance to be paid when the course begins

Class size:  6 max

Student Requirements:

Requirements list and preparation for the course:-

Looking for line; line is everywhere in the local environment, focus on looking for lines and they will appear, in walls, paths, posts and fences, beach finds, shells and stones drift wood, lichen covered sticks, tree bark, seed heads, leaves and so on. Take photos and collect interesting portable pieces to bring to the workshop.

·         A personal selection of inspirational source material- [see above.]

·         An A5 concertina sketchbook or a selection of folded paper from which to make your own for example Khadi cotton rag paper zigzag pages or a variety of folded papers of your choice, size A5 or smaller.

·         Drawing materials of choice; include drawing pens of various thicknesses, a biro, pencils, graphite and so on.

·         Choice of colour mediums; e.g. Inktense pencils or blocks, aquarelle graphite and coloured pencils etc.

  • Scissors and needles of different thickness for making holes.
  • Solid glue stick-  Pritt or similar
  • Cheap baby wipes for cleaning hands etc.
  • Apron/overall and plastic gloves if you wish to use them.
  • A hairdryer is useful


Papers, threads and additional art materials, equipment and resources for student use will be supplied at a cost of £4


Granary studio supply:

PVA glue

Drawing ink- black, brown, blue

Masking fluid [for resist work]

Amanda will supply the following:

Bag of papers

Bag of threads/fibres

Tissue paper

Lens tissue and tea bag paper

Box coloured papers

Koh i noor waterbased dye palettes

Procion dye mixed as ink

Candle wax

Coloured wax crayons

Sewing threads- neutral, grey, black etc.

Walnut ink

Emulsion paint

[spare drawing paper]