Information Sheet        Imagined Seascapes                   Tutor Amanda Hislop

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A 2 day textile and mixed media workshop to explore your own experience, memories and images of the sea, creating abstract compositions which capture the subtle colour and textural qualities of land, sea and sky using a combination of layered papers and fabrics, paint and dyes to create surfaces to work with hand and free machine stitch.

Use your own sketches, drawings, paintings and photographs as a starting point for the development of an abstract seascape; take time to explore the colours textures and contrasting surfaces within seascapes through an intuitive and experimental approach.

 Experience level: Any

Class fees:  £110  A deposit of £60 will secure your place, with the balance to be paid when the course begins

Class size:  6 max

Dates: 15 & 16 February 2018    10.00- 16.00

Additional information: Amanda is teaching another class in 2018 ‘Taking Sketchbooks Further’ 13&14  September 2018, please visit the classes section of this website for further details of this and other classes that might take your fancy

Student requirements:

Preparation for the workshop:

 Collect together seascape images to use as inspiration for your work, try to have a connection with the image, personal photographs, drawings, or paintings. Alternatively select contemporary or art historical images which inspire you.


  1. Pen, pencils and small sketch book to make notes on samples and record ideas.
  2. Sewing machine with drop feed and darning or embroidery foot; spare machine needles.
  3. A selection of machine threads in colours relating to seascape theme, include a selection of hand stitch threads which can be worked on the bobbin or used to work areas of hand stitch.
  4. Scissors and basic sewing kit.
  5. Apron/overall and plastic gloves if you like to use them.
  6. Cheap baby wipes or similar.

Specialist materials, fabrics, papers and threads will be supplied at a cost of £4 per student.


Feel free to bring any threads and papers you may wish to experiment with in your sampling.



Materials Amanda will supply:-

1.     Procion dyes mixed as an ink

2.     Wet strength papers [tea bag and lens tissue]

3.     Bag of threads and fibres

4.     Kozo fibre

5.     Bag of papers for textured collage

6.     CMC cellulose paste, ready mixed.

7.     Fabrics for sampling- calico, muslin and scrim

Sketchbooks and samples as inspirational resources.

Granary studios to supply:-

Acrylic paint including-

·        Payne’s grey

·        White

·        Raw umber

·        Raw sienna

·        Burnt sienna

·        Cyan

·        Ultramarine

·        Naples yellow

Brushes and palette knives for acrylic paint and dye.

Glue brushes ie. 1” household type