Information Sheet   On The Edge with Patching and Piecing     Tutor Amanda Clayton

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 Description:  on the edge – creating edges through hand stitch with the emphasis on lace-like qualities using a neutral palette.

piecing and patching – incorporating translucency and opaque to layer and join, encouraging personal results through hand stitch and neutral palette

Experience level: Any

Class fees:     £175 A deposit of £90 will secure your place, with the balance to be paid when the course begins

Class size:  6-8

Dates: Mon/Tue 3&4 September 2018 10.00-16.00

Additional information: A further class from Amanda is planned for 2019, titled ‘Quietly Composed’,  Sat/Sun 27&28 April 2019, please visit the classes section of this website for further details and for the rest of the exciting programme of classes on offer for the coming months

Student requirements:

‘on the edge’

Exploring the qualities of cloth:









The morning session is quite prescriptive and covers my signature techniques of trailing, running stitch darning, appligue, inlay applique, picots.  A small kit is provided.

To supplement the kit in the afternoon session I suggest you bring the following as well as your normal sewing kit/embroidery scissors.



2 pieces of neutral cloth (approx. 40 x 40 cm or similar area but different dimension) such asorgandie, organza, chiffon, mousaline, crepeline or pina.  I will bring pieces that you can purchase.


Some smaller scraps of clothwhich should be varied and maybe more personal. Lace, damasks, self-stripes, open gauze, medical, polythenes/manmade…..ribbons, fur, velvets….


Neutral threads of contrastingqualities…..shiny, matt, floss, twisted, fine, thick, matt, slubby, silk, linen, cotton….. I will bring 16 qualities  for you to use at no extra cost.


Any fine wires….florist wire, icing wire or jewellery. Small quantities such as 2 pieces 30 cm long.


Notebook, Digital camera if you have.

Do not buy anything especially..I am sure we will be creative with what we have.

‘piecing and patching’

Amanda Clayton





The workshop will be taught predominantly with neutral materials and thread but if you ‘need’ colour ( maybe some tiny sentimental pieces) then bring some in your scrap bag.



Bring your personal scrap bag which hopefully will have in it some lighter weight as well as medium weight cloth.

Consider bringing chiffon, organza, habotai, net, velvet, fragments of lace. Maybe some old cloth samples, hankies or sentimental clothing pieces. Something that may be personal to you.

These can be the tiniest bits. You will not need anything bigger than 6 x 6 inches;  unless you need to work on a frame therefore bring a couple of pieces that will stretch in your basic tambour frame.

I also bring some small pieces of cloth to sell in case someone would like to try a quality that they are not familiar with.



A selection of threads from fine to thicker.

I will have a selection of threads for you to supplement your own if you need at no charge. Please do not go and buy anything especially for the day. You can do ‘swops’ with other students too.


A basic sewing kit. Pins, needles, scissors. (frame), tape measure, sheet of A4 graph paper if you have.


All these should fit easily into a shopping basket or shoe box……do not bring the contents of your workroom!


We will be working with running stitch mainly which means this workshop is suitable for a beginner.

I will also introduce inlay, patchwork and appliqué.

We will discuss what is meant by the terms sashiko, boro and kantha.


It is meant to be a creative day. You may prefer to go away with one sample or maybe a number of pieces started.  We will talk about their application and the relevance to contemporary ‘mending’.


Don’t foget your Lunch!