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A calendar list of classes with an idea of where the spaces are. Please remember if a class is full, I do keep a waiting list and often if there are enough, I can book the tutor to teach a second group, so it is worth adding your name

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As long as nothing else happens re COVID, I plan to re-open the studio at the beginning of May, phew, at long lasAt. I will have full consideration to our safety, with masks, hand gel and 2 m distancing, as well as contactless thermometer. You will be required to bring your own refreshments for the day as well as cups, plates etc, although I will have the hot water urn and the microwave available.
If you feel I owe you refunds please do get in touch, it has been very complicated to roll some deposits forward for new dates, some just floating in the system until somethimg comes up to re-book and full refunds.. I would hate anyone to fall through the cracks… please, I urge you to keep records of payments in the hope that they match my records too!
Susan Chapman     Printed Textiles   4 Sept 2021, £500 for year (10 sessions, 1st Sat in the month), paid monthly in advance,    FULL
Susan Chapman    Printed Textiles, Independent study    5 or 6 Sept 2021,  £500 for year (10 sessions, 1st Sun in the month), paid monthly in advance,     FULL
Susan Chapman  Printed Textiles, Open Access,  19 Sept 2021, £250 for year(10 sessions, 3rd Sun in the month), paid monthly in advance,   3 spaces
Susan Chapman   Design Challenges for Textiles, 2 Sept 2021, £500 for year (10 sessions, 1st Thurs in the month), paid monthly in advance,   4 spaces
Susan Chapman     Using Sketchbooks, 3 Sept 2021, £500 for year (10 sessions, 1st Fri in the month), paid monthly in advance, 2 spaces
Amanda Hislop   Seascapes    wed/thur  21&22 July 2021  £150  FULL
Granary Studio and Susan will be at Festival of Quilts  Thur – Sun,   29 July – 1 August    2021
Stewart Kelly  Masterclass  7&8 August 2021,   £170,          2 spaces
Debbie Lyddon   Exploring Place   thurs-sun 9-12 Sept 2021    £420   1 space
Amanda Hislop    Taking sketchbooks further: personal collections-exploring line and form, developing observation into abstract thoughts in a concertina book   Tue&wed 14&15 Sept 2021   £155  6 spaces
Caroline Bell   Stitch!                                                                Wed&Thu   22&23 Sept 2021  £125  FULL   but another in Apr 2022
Amanda Clayton    Little book of Leaves   25&26 Sept 2021  £250  1 space
Sue Dove  Mixed Media Sketchbooks / Altered Books wed & thur 29&30 September 2021  £180  5 spaces
Caroline Bell    Autumn Eco printing    Wed&Thur  13&14 Oct 2021    £125    6 spaces
Susie Chaikin  Mosaic Masterclass,  4 days, Mon-Thur, 18-21 October 2021, £320,  1 space
Wendy Dolan    Machine Embroidery, Inspired by Gustav Klimt      Thu-Fri     28&29 Oct  2021, £175, FULL 
Caroline Bell   Natural Dyeing  Sat&Sun  13&14 Nov 2021 £125    6 spaces
Alysn Midgelow Marsden      Stains and Discards   £95       1 Day  Tues 16 November 2021      4 spaces
Alysn Midgelow Marsden     Meetings with Metals    £195   2 days  Wed&Thurs, 17&18  November 2021   4 spaces
Caroline Bell    Printing with Natural Dyes      Sat&Sun 19&20 Feb 2022    £125      6 spaces
Susie Chaikin   Mosaics (introduction)    Fri & Sat  25&26  Feb 2022 £165    4 spaces
ICHF Fashion & Embroidery Show ,NEC ,17-20 Mar 2022  Susan and some of the tutors from the Granary Studio will exhibit, demo and teach throughout this show
Caroline Bell  Stitch!         Sat&Sun  26&27 Mar 2022  £125   6 spaces
Caroline Bell   Spring Eco Printing   Wed&Thur  20&21 Apr 2022   £25   6 spaces
Debbie Lyddon   Exploring Place Part 2: A Closer Observation   Tue-Fri, 17-20 May 2022  £420   3 spaces
Caroline Bell  Indigo   Sat&Sun   28&29   May 2022        £125       6 spaces  
Alice Fox  Botanical Colour    wed&thur  29&30 June 2022    £195   6 spaces
Caroline Bell   Eco Printing Masterclass   Wed&Thur  20&21 July 2022   £125   6 Spaces