coronavirus and an update

As the Coronavirus situation accelerates I feel I should update you with what the current situation is here at the Granary Studio regarding classes.

I can confirm that currently, no one here or anyone connected to the studio, has has contracted the virus or, to my knowledge, had any contact with anyone who has. However, I will be ever more vigilant with respect to hygiene and cleanliness provision including regular sanitisation of all those areas of high use – door handles, counters, bathroom etc – while being aware of the importance of regular hand washing.
At the moment I am continuing with my programme of classes as listed on the website, , but this position will be reviewed on a regular basis and changed if and when it is necessary, or if there is a recommendation or directive from the Government.

We have just had four days of very succesful classes, two days with Amanda Hislop, working with concertina books, followed by another two days ‘Painting and  Drawing with Natural Materials’, tutored by Mel Rose, where we learned to make our own Gesso, Oak Gall Ink, and Egg Tempura.

On Saturday and Sunday, Caroline Bell will be teaching ‘Natural Dyeing’ and we do have a space on it if anyone fancies a fun couple of days here..BUT, should anything change and the workshop has to be cancelled I will let you know immediately.  Unfortunately I have had to cancel ‘Exploring Place’ tutored by Debbie Lyddon because of student cancellations, but Debbie will return next year to teach.

Each workshop in the future will be assessed individually on a similar basis, but we do ask that if you are due to attend a workshop and there is a likely risk that you have been in contact with the virus, please let us know as soon as possible that you will not be attending and then follow the general directive to self-isolate. Likewise, if you have attended a workshop here, and then quickly go on to develop symptoms, please let us know so we can inform everyone else who attended with you.

As the government has not imposed any restrictions on events such as these small gatherings, with regards to the workshop charges, our current cancellation policy will prevail for the time being. In a nut-shell, should a workshop have to be cancelled, a full refund will be given, but anyone deciding to cancel their place on a workshop that is going ahead will be charged if the place cannot be filled from a waiting list.

While you are here taking part in a workshop you may feel more secure by bringing hand-sanitizer and wipes etc with you. You may also want to bring your own cup for tea and coffee. I leave that entirely up to you – the main thing is to enjoy the workshops while you are here.

Some of you will be aware that the studio was due to go to the ICHF show, Fashion and Embroidery, on Thursday at the NEC which has now been postponed. The new dates are now 25-28 June which we will attend, assuming all has returned to some semblance of normality by then. This does mean that I am re-scheduling the classes to be taught by Sue Dove and she and I are working on some new dates for the diary for her classes… they will go up on the website as soon as I finalise things with her.

Meanwhile, keep safe everyone, and I hope things return to some sort of normality soon

Author: susanmchapman

stitched textiles, tutor Eastleigh College Visual Arts school, freelance tutor and lecturer

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